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Training & Assessment Department


Assessment and that of high quality is imperative for the success of the goals set by the Government of Pakistan for Educational Reforms. Keeping this view in mind of having good quality assessment, the Sindh Education Foundation, Govt. of Sindh has setup its very own Assessment Unit to assess the students’ learning outcomes of its partner schools.
The major role of the Assessment Unit of SEF is to assess the students of all the schools working under its supervision and guidance. The Assessment Unit works dynamically from designing to the execution and conducts quality examinations both in English and Sindhi based on the National Curriculum given by the Ministry of Education (M&E).


• To develop an assessment which develops analytical thinking skills of students
• Check the impact of teacher assessment


Following are some of the activities carried out by the unit.

• Develops high quality assessment tools
• Custom made paper according to objectives of the various programs
• Construction of examination paper utilizes modern assessment tools based on active learning rather than rote memorization
• Examination material has a balanced approach as it uses a combination of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and short response questions made according to the capabilities of various age groups and grades.


Following are the results of the practices adopted by the assessment department
• Invite students and teachers to think out of the box
• The result of the assessment highlights the areas of improvement for the programs like teacher training, learning environment etc.
• Specific teacher training modules are designed for the effective learning
• Assessments are also indicators of performance of teachers


Learning Support Unit (LSU) is one of the integral units of SEF and it plays a vital role in the execution of professional development trainings for teachers of SEF-supported schools. The core responsibilities of the unit range from manual/resource development to on-field teacher trainings as well as participating, collaborating and representing the unit as well as the foundation at different platforms. This is an academic unit which is the hub of learning and also involved in capacity building. It has a vast experience of working at grass root level with teachers.


Following are the objectives which the unit strives to achieve
• To develop need based and contextualized teaching and learning aids/resources
• To provide field based academic support to SEF schools
• To build the professional capacities of SEF school teachers and stake holders
• To review the educational literature with respect to content enhancement and curriculum enrichment


• Manual Development
o A repository of modules in Sindhi language
o Modules which function as a Guide for the teachers’ reference

• Field Based Support for SEF Schools
o Provide classroom level support to teachers and assist them in overcoming challenges related to teaching-learning process

• Academic Data Management
o Consolidated reports for trainings, academic activities, quarterly progress reports
o Sorting, organizing and analysis of training data to gauge the impact of training executed


Following is the impact of activities carried out by LSU
• Enhance communication skills of teachers
• Helps in improving the process of teaching and learning
• Enhance pedagogical skills of teachers and improves quality of content level


Development of Policy and Protocols.

Assessment Modules
Development and implementation of Training and Assessment modules.

Development of other material relating to Assessment and Training.

Liaison with all stakeholders relating to Training and Assessment (Local and Foreign).

Matters relating to Assessment.

Matters relating to Training except capacity building of the officers/officials.

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