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Educational Framework


The concept of Public Private Partnership (PPP) has emerged as a response and a means to enhance the educational system’s impact, outreach, and most importantly, its institutional and educational quality. In this regard, the technical expertise and extensive resources possessed by the private sector makes it ideally positioned to assume a facilitative role.

Given its viability, the formation of Public Private Partnerships is SEF’s core mandate and has become an instrumental concept and approach throughout the organization’s programs. This has helped in mobilizing technical, financial and human resource services of the private, public and community sectors for revitalization and enhancement of educational opportunities for the marginalized segments of society.

On the one hand the private sector is effectively engaged in government school reform, and on the other, a new dimension in public-private partnership for education has been pioneered where public funds and expertise are channeled towards strengthening the cost-effective private schools sector. Moreover, community mobilization and volunteerism have facilitated the formation of dynamic, inclusive, and participative learning spaces.

Quality Assurance

The Sindh Education Foundation works towards quality assurance by improving and evolving programs and associated processes to ensure continuous improvement of educational outcomes. The programmatic portfolio operates in sync with a dynamic quality assurance framework that seeks to facilitate the SEF ideals for smooth operation and enhancement of learning outcomes for children across all the partner schools. The various programs and units work collaboratively to achieve this goal.

As a central support system, Program Support & Development provides intellectual, strategic, technical and operational facilitation for systematic development of programs and personnel at all organizational levels and for efficient implementation at the grassroots.

Advocacy which involves promoting quality education initiatives is regularly undertaken through the forum of seminars, workshops and policy dialogues organized at both the provincial and local levels. A diverse range of publications and resources, both educational and institutional, are also developed in-house to enrich the learning environment in schools.

SEF provided trainings focus on nurturing children’s learning capabilities by enriching the teaching-learning process and promoting a conducive learning environment that allows students’ innate intelligences to flourish. Routine Student and Teacher Assessments help provide a picture of the learning standard in a school and identify key areas for improvement of educational outcomes.

As part of Research and Monitoring, SEF carries out quantitative and qualitative research studies as well as progress and process monitoring through design and development of information and data management frameworks and strategies. These systems of inquiry aim at exploring, analyzing and documenting the impact of the Foundation’s programs as well as link educational theories and research with practice and policy frameworks. They allow SEF to critically reflect upon its initiatives and build sustainable partnerships with stakeholders at all levels.

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