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Teachers Training

Quality education is at the core of SEF’s philosophy. Since 2015, the Foundation introduced a comprehensive capacity building program encompassing teachers training – across all levels – covering content, pedagogy, and support for school operators for overall quality improvement. The training programs have been designed by the Institute of Business Administration, Sukkur and the Beaconhouse School System. Teachers across schools running under PPRS, SAS and SMHSP have received these trainings. They note a marked improvement in their understanding of learning methodologies, child development, teacher-student relationship and the value of quality academic environment.

The training programs have covered over 14,000 teachers so far The capacity building component is accompanied by a formal assessment aimed at gauging the impact of the trainings. This involves grade-wise students response to quality reforms and teachers assessment, in addition to data tracking of absenteeism, dropouts and retained students.

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