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Observation Results Shared with SEF Partners

Observation Results Shared with Sindh Education Foundation, Government of Sindh Partners under SOADI

A total of 200 foundation supported school operators from southern region were called for meeting to discuss key performing areas of their respective schools at Hyderabad dated 18th August, 2018. The key performing areas were evaluated through zabist Institute third party evaluation as part of SOADI initiative that seeks to promote and make future strengthening in terms of the overall capacity of the Head Teacher’s management capacity; availability of academic calendars and compliance with academic system; the classroom structure, setting and management, teaching capacity, attitude with students, record keeping and overall academic and learning environment etc. The school operators were addressed by Ms Lubna Khalid (Director Academic Development) and Mr.Shakil Ahmed (Software Designer) about findings of their school scrutiny in the light of key development areas. During the course of the meeting the school operators were updated about the State of School management, capacity of the School Head Teacher, Content level and understanding of the teachers; quality of Teaching standards, student’s participation, Classroom environment, reflection of teaching methodologies in core subjects. Furthermore, a new strategy of school improvement was elucidated to school operators in the said key development areas.

The worthy MD-SEF categorized emphasized upon the implementation of qualitative measures for actualizing school improvement

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