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Minister of SELD, GoS, Led a delegation to the SEF

The Minister of Education & Literacy, Government of Sindh, Dr. Sadia Virk Rizvi Led a delegation to the Sindh Education Foundation; joined by worthy Managing Director of the Foundation Ms. Naheed S. Durrani along with Deputy Managing Director Mr. Rafique Mustafa Sheikh, all the Directors of respective units and departments, and Program Heads. The Visit took place on 2nd July 2018, at Head Office of Sindh Education Foundation, Govt. of Sindh.

The worthy MD,SEF shared details and gave orientation regarding the Foundation’s struggling and successful journey of 25 years through presentation and documentaries. The mainly focus was on the reforms brought by SEF from past three years; the reforms in terms of improving the infrastructure of schools, introducing technology in SEf Assisted elementary and secondary schools. Making it compulsory to appoint a Head Teacher and an Operator in each School in order to better communication between SEF and School Administration. The Foundation has also been working on teachers training and mobilization of operators which has been proved fruitful for SEF Assisted Schools.

The most importantly, the rapid increase in enrolment under different programs approximately 98000 Out of School Children in the far-flung areas of Sindh province. SEF presented its current portfolio comprises of over 555,000 students through a network of 2314 schools. As a result, in last three years it has grown by 112% which is a significant expansion given the fact that large part of Foundation schools is located in under privileged areas of Sindh. Moreover, the Foundation is increasingly focusing on Post-Primary portfolio. It is planned to increase the Elementary/ Secondary schools with a massive increase of enrolment of students of Grade 6 to 12.

The Foundation has made tremendous progress in bringing quality education in Schools throughout Sindh. SEF’s various initiatives like; Introducing Smart Teaching and Learning (INSTAL), Teach for Change (TFC), Adolescent and Adult Learning and Training Program (AALTP), & Dr. AQ Khan schooling system Scholarship for SEF and SELD Schools’ Students were also shared by Team SEF.

Dr. Sadia Virk Rizvi Minister for E&L lauded the hard work and determination of the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) in the field of education. She appreciated the initiatives and excellent performance of SEF. It said that “Raise your words, not voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder”. So as the SEF has been doing. Said by Dr. Sadia Virk Rizvi Minister for E&L government of Sindh

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