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Contract signing Ceremony People’s School Program

To provide equal opportunity of quality education to all children across Sindh, Government of Sindh envisioned a People’s School Program (PSP) formally named as English Medium School (EMS) and Comprehensive High School (CHS). In this respect, the Sindh Education Foundation have been tasked to operationalize and manage newly constructed state – of -the -art schools of PSP through the Foundation’s Public Private Partnership modality under per child subsidy model. July 19, 2022 was marked the day for contract signing of People’s School Program (PSP) between Sindh Education Foundation Government of Sindh and 20 of our selected private organizations. The contract was signed for managing and operationalizing of 34 schools in 19 districts of Sindh. It is pertinent to note that PSP schools have the leverage of state-of-the-art infrastructure, appropriate furniture, free text books, Science Labs & Library. In these schools, medium of instructions will be in English language and ICT Based learning will be focused. The provision of Solar panels and generators as part of the Alternative Energy system distinguishes the PSP schools from the rest of ongoing school programs.The PSP will be personification of robust partnership with private organizations. The partnership has been attained through a rigorous process of selection from evaluation of submitted EOI-Expression of Interest and RFP-Request for Proposals by prospective partners. In tandem to the earlier process the organisations were finally selected in the light of evaluation of the schools. Whereas, the Consultative Workshop was organized as part of Quality Assurance Framework for selected school partners meant to safeguard and ensure qualitative component for School Strategic Plan.Hereby, this event was organized for individual contract signing of People’s School Program by Qualified Organizations. Honorable Minister for Education & Literacy GoS, Syed Sardar Ali Shah presided the ceremony of Contract signing at a local hotel. The ceremony was attended by High level Officials, Secretary of SELD-GoS, Educationists and other Dignitaries. The Honorable Minister for Education & Literacy addressed the ceremony and highlighted the PSP program and affirmed the support of Sindh Education Foundation and Government of Sindh to the selected partner organisations. The salient features of PSP and contribution of SEF in the sphere of education during a period of 30 years was presented by Mr. Abdul Kabir Kazi Honorable Managing Director – SEF. Whereas, Mr. Naeem Anwar, DMD Support Services-SEF, Ms. Sadaf Anees DMD-Operations-SEF and Ms. Naheed Abbasi Deputy Director-Special Initiatives, SEF also addressed the participants of the Contract signing ceremony.The ceremony was concluded with appreciation of Sindh Education Foundation, PMIU and specifically to PSP team members who have been a force behind the operationalizing of People’s School Program. In this respect, the Shields were awarded by Honorable Minister to respective team members of PSP team.

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