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Caring for Life (CFL) Training

The five-day CFL (Caring for Life) training program of 100 teachers at the Regional office in Hyderabad and Karachi concluded on June 10, 2022. The teaching program is based on four pillars of learning as promoted by the United Nations entailing Education, Learning to Know, Learning to live together, and Learning to be. The CFL is an Join Hands however runs as an autonomous chapter at the national level in Pakistan, with a particular focus on animal rights and human rights, partnering with SEF since 2020.

The Managing Director Mr. Abdul Kabir Kazi briefed SEF’s initiatives to the representatives of CFL, while the objectives of the Training were highlighted by Ms. Sadaf Anees (DMD OPERATIONS) Mr. Naeem Anwar (DMD Support Service), and Ms. Shahpara Rizvi (Director Training & Assessment Department). Whereas, Ms. Sambrian And Dr. Bill addressed the trainees online, elucidating how the 3-year-old program will benefit 1200 students and complete the first cycle in 50 schools for a wide-ranging introduction in SEF schools. The certificates were awarded to participating teachers as a token of appreciation.

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