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Appreciation Event for Accomplished Student─Ms.Afsara Pitafi

Sindh Education Foundation as dedicated organization in sphere of qualitative learning has set precedence of encouraging hard working and competent students. In this connection an event was organized by foundation in appreciation of Ms.Afsara Pitafi meritorious student of Grade 9 of Ram Kohli Public School, Badin. The event awarded the student as part of encouragement of hardworking students to instill inspiration for entire multitude of students towards positive learning milestones.

The award ceremony was presided over by worthy Managing Director, Mr.Abdul Kabir Kazi at SEF Head Office, Karachi.
The ceremony commended outstanding efforts for innovation learning of Ms.Afsara Pitafi, student of Grade 9. The outstanding student made a mark with multiple talents in the realm of academic learning and performing arts with support of her father, dedicated teacher in RAM KOLHI School.

Ms.Afsara Pitafi has outshined in performing arts through prolific verse of poetry that strikes the chord with minds imbued with love for Its rich civilization. The verse that gained regional acclaim is

“اسان جا وڏڙا ڏکيا پڙهيا پر احسان اسان تي ٿيو آ ايس اِي ايف وارن اسڪول کوليو”

striving against the epoch of darkness dawned new era of illumination for us by our forefathers. Apart from these verses, Afsara’s gained popularity for another poetic rendition of
“سنڌ نه ڏيسون”
During the course of event the Honorable Managing Director, SEF stated that encouraging competent students of Foundation Assisted School will be a fundamental norm for foundation. Moreover, it was stated that students attaining education in far flung areas of Sindh are equally competent in cognitive capabilities that could be matched with privileged students of urban areas. The capabilities of students have been enhanced thru tenacious efforts of teachers and befitting school environment in FAS schools. Furthermore, it was assured by Managing Director, SEF that the level of learning will be improved to international level of education.
The event was concluded with the awarding of cash prize worth Rupees ten thousand to Ms.Afsara Pitafi in presence of her father. The event was attended by Ms.Shahpara Rizvi- Acting Director T&A, Mr.Nasimuddin Mirani-Director HR, Mr.Saeed Ahmed Shiekh -Director Finance & Accounts, Mr.Nisar Ahmed Banbhan-Deputy Director ACU and Ms.Naheed Abbasi-Assistant Director SMHSP.

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